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Facia Cladding
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Facia Cladding

Traditional timber facias quickly rot. They need maintenance every two to three years. However, by adding Diamond Facia Cladding the need for maintenance is eliminated for at least 25 years-making huge savings in material and labour costs. Diamond Facia Cladding completely encapsulates the timber and is the only system to incorporate a sarking board under the lower rows of tiles, thereby preventing roofing felt rot at the eaves.

The panels are made from galvanised steel, which is zinc coated on both sides. In addition the outward facing side is coated in Colorcoat HP200 plastisol* and the standard reverse coating is a heat cured high performance polyester top coat applied over a corrosion resistant primer. This material has a life expectancy of 40 years.

All materials used by Diamond Facia Cladding conform to current Heath and safety regulations. The cladding is equally suitable for new build or refurbishment projects. On refurbishment projects they are simply fitted over the existing facias. Installation is swift and easy and causes no interference with the users of the building.

*A Registered Trademark of British Steel.


  • Manufactured from British Steel HP 200 Plastisol*
  • Guaranteed maintenance free for at least twenty five years
  • Available in 28 different colours
  • Can be used on new-build or refurbishment project
  • Suitable for both flat and pitched roofs
  • The only system to incorporate a sarking board on pitched roofs
  • Saves money compared with other available systems
  • Easy installation. No disruption to residents
  • Choice to supply and fit or supply work
  • Full technical support available